With the experience needed to give you the touch of excellence your organization deserves Fitzwater Marketing is dedicated to creating a brand that sets your company apart from the rest. Our clientele ranges from the Shenandoah Valley and central Virginia all the way down the east coast to the plains of West Texas. We pride ourselves on our ability and commitment to excellence. My name is Jordan Fitzwater and I created this business to make sure my friends and family were getting high quality branding for a more affordable price.

          I refused to believe that these big companies should be getting away with charging new small businesses, establishments, and organizations with outrageous prices. Everyone has a right to brand themselves the way they want. I have dedicated this company to do just that and offer great rates to all business no matter what their size. So lets get started on exploring what makes your company different. contact me today to get prices and package details so we can begin branding your company or small business today..



  • Video Production

    Productions include:

                              - Commercials

                              - Music Videos

                              - Interviews

                              - Documentaries

                              - Short Films

  • Audio Production

    Proficient in Adobe Audition and have created various sound bites in the form of

                            - radio commercials

                            - radio station sweeps

                            - music mixing

                            - low grade acoustic recording

  • Image Creation / Photography

    7 years experience on Photoshop creating:

                    - Company Logos

                    - Professional Grade Websites

                    - Professional Image/Color  Correction

                    - Portrait and Candid editing experience also

  • Graphics Repair

    4 years experience with Adobe Illustrator:

                   - Graphics Repair

                   - Creating Graphics for animation

                   - Creating new and established company logos

                   - Contact us for examples, we cant release some

                   of the graphic repair images online due to

                   privacy rights.

  • Commercial Animation

    Great training on After Effects creating:

                    - Title animations

                    - Short Presentation Animations

                    - Professional Image/Video Integration


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